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Deborah J Schaefer, CPA

While studying for her CPA, Deborah J Schaefer discovered that she had a knack for working with computers. She graduated from George Washington University with major in accounting and minor in computer science. Given her unique ability to combine computer expertise and accounting to find effective solutions for real world problems, she was courted by the Big Eight accounting firms.

She worked for three national accounting firms, Coopers and Lybrand, Peat Marwcik Mitchell, and Arthur Young, in computer auditing and consulting. Those experiences allowed her to build a knowledge base as well as identify and fill a niche in the marketplace, offering businesses and professional firms the best tools and practices to grow while ensuring they could continue to devote their best resources to their customers or clients. 

Over time, Deborah’s business shifted to focus on law firms across the US and abroad. She found that many lawyers, while experts in their field, did not have the academic or professional experiences in accounting, operations, or other areas that make up the core of successful enterprises. However, Deborah saw an answer to this problem and began to work with law firms to educate attorneys and their staff, implement software solutions, and improve business practices. Her advice and the practices she put in place began to make huge differences for the firms she worked with, allowing to grow and survive as successful businesses.

Deborah has earned a reputation for going above and beyond for her clients by providing them with quality service and comprehensive solutions to complex and critical business questions. Her consulting services help firms identify, create, and implement business practices that encourage growth and increase efficiency. 


Where some of our clients are located:

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