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Software Solutions

There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to legal software solutions, and Deborah J Schaefer, CPA, performs a comprehensive evaluation of a firm’s needs before recommending which product, or suite of products, will be the most effective. 

Learn about some of the software solutions Deborah J Schaefer, CPA, recommends to law firms around the world:

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A powerful billing and accounting practice management software package that can generate detailed reports on a firm’s business

A cloud-based document data management software package with world-class security that lets firms create, manage, and access information from anywhere

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The advanced accounting features in this software package make it easy for a firm to keep updated accounting journals, generate detailed reports, and produce customized workflows

A software package that centralizes a firm’s accounting and project data on a cloud-based platform while creating automated processes that allows firms to spend more time on their clients, rather than internal processes

An advanced practice management software package that boasts highly organized document management process, full accounting solutions, and fully customizable workflow processes

An easy-to-use practice management software package that gives firms the tools to simplify case management, time, billing, and account management workflows


This cloud-based practice management software includes a full accounting package that eliminates the need to convert a firm’s data for general accounting services


This impressive suite of software packages is a complete billing and practice management solution that helps firms store, retrieve, and understand any and all information relating to a specific client matter

A high-performance cloud hosting platform software package that helps firms grow by analyzing trends in data and producing actionable insights to enhance business practices

A commonly used general accounting software package that tracks all accounting and financial information for a firm


Zola Suite gives you the power of one solution to manage every action taken in every case. One Complete, Easy-to-Use Platform.

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