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Training & Webinars

With 35 years of experience, Deborah J Schaefer, CPA, has developed a unique multisession training and webinar approach that is personalized to each firm and can cover a variety of subjects that will improve your firm’s productivity.

In Person Training

In person training sessions are easily the most effective way to educate members of your firm, no matter what the subject matter. Deborah J Schaefer will work with you to develop customized multisession trainings that address the unique needs of your firm. Over her career, Deborah has found shorter trainings over multiple days are more effective than daylong training seminars.

Webinar Training

With today’s technological advancements, training is no longer limited to in person sessions. Deborah J Schaefer offers comprehensive web-based trainings focused on software solutions, accounting principles, general business practices, and several other key topics that can help you run a more successful firm.

Training Methodology

Types of Training:


Selecting the right software solution and implementing it correctly is very important. However, without the right training, even the best solutions can be worthless. These trainings are customized to educate members of your firm and ensure they are using your software package to its fullest potential.

Finance & Accounting

Financial and accounting  trainings will teach anyone, from financial management beginners to experts, the best ways to read financial statements, how work with budgets, how to handle accounts payable, and much more.

Workforce & Talent Management

Workforce trainings focus on best practices for training your workforce, explore current trends in workforce development, provide practical information and the latest tools in talent management, and much more.

Case Study:

      Managerial Accounting Training

In this training, Deborah introduces the core concepts of accounting and applies them to law firms. While financial accounting is standardized across the business world,  managerial accounting is different for every organization and must be applied correctly. Deborah designed this training to teach attorneys and their staffs accounting basics and help them understand how proper managerial accounting methods can be effective for firms.

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