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Accounting Services

Deborah J Schaefer, CPA, has been a Certified Public Accountant for over 35 years, and her understanding of the ever-changing financial and regulatory environment allows her to help law firms develop, understand, and carry out the accounting processes necessary to run a business.


Understanding the tools and best practices of account are key factors to running one’s own business. However, many people do not have the training and understanding of fundamental accounting principles. Deborah J Schaefer understands the unique challenges that cost law firms time and money, and can help professionals overcome those challenges by developing accounting systems that track and grow a firm’s business.


Not all law firms have the background or staff to do the day-to-day bookkeeping needed for the practice. Deborah J Schaefer provides monthly traditional billing, e-billing, accounting, and bank reconciliation services to relieve pressure in a busy practice. As a CPA, Deborah will make sure your firm adheres to the procedures, codes, and requirements set by state and federal government, while keeping your accounts accurate, compliant, and reliable.

Case Study:

Trust Accounting -Procedures &         Common Errors (Article)

In this article, Deborah provides a good introduction and overview of the procedures as well as common errors associated with trust accounting. This type of accounting is specific to law firms, and attorneys must be familiar with the various issues surrounding the handling of trust money. 

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