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Consulting Services

Deborah J Schaefer, CPA, works with firms to understand their specific needs and develop individualized solutions and goals that will foster strategic growth and streamlined business practices. 

Law Office Automation

The core of any successful business is effective information management, and as technology and automation spread to impact every aspect of our lives, law firms must follow suit to remain competitive. Creating automated accounting, operations, data management, and marketing processes streamlines business practices and enables firms to operate more efficiently. Deborah J Schaefer will work with your firm to create and implement a practical and easy to use system.

Software Selection

Attorneys guide clients to the best choices because of their extensive familiarity with the law and years of experience. Deborah J Schaefer guides each firm to the best software choice for their needs because 35 years of experience has made her an expert in the field, who is familiar with almost every legal software option on the market. Her individualized approach identifies and demystifies the security, data management, cloud/mobile integration, and other needs of a firm before determining which software package will best meet those needs. 

Software Implementation

Software solutions can only benefit firms if the product is installed, setup, and used properly. After selecting a software package, Deborah J Schaefer makes sure that your firm is not only using the best legal software available but knows how to use the software most efficiently. 

Management Consulting

Once properly implemented, computerized account and practice management systems give firms the ability to mine data, provide reports, manage clients, and understand the accounting and financial systems of the practice. Deborah J Schaefer works with law firms to generate this information, analyze it, and make informed management decisions that will increase firm productivity and profitability.

Case Study:

    Choosing Legal Software (Webinar)

In this webinar, Deborah shares some of the most important things to consider when choosing a legal software solution. Similar to her tailored training materials, Deborah designed this presentation for a group of attorneys who were all looking to find a new legal software package. This webinar was presented via an online conferencing software so people could join from all over the globe.

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